Alagalla Mountain Range



Alagalla is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Sri Lanka . This mount range is situated in the boundaries of Kandy and Kegalle Districts. Alagalla mountain range is surrounded by Bathalegala alias Bible Rock, Uthuwankanda, Dewanagala, Ambuluwawa & Hanthana. Alagalla mountain Kandy has been acting as a defense for the Kandyan Kingdom from 1505 to 1948 when Sri Lanka was partially or completely ruled by Portuguese, Dutch, and English races. This has made the fulfillment of a great wall and made the enemy troops retreated. Balana Fortress has acted as a watch over point in ancient times and has had a strategic rock fortress and an outpost to the Kandyan kingdom. Even at present Alagalla mount range has an elegant Scenic view as well. You can establish a night camp in the Mountain and have an unforgettable night. Most of the people stay in the forest at the night. The main thing you should be worried about the leeches as they are spreading rapidly in the rainy seasons. If you can wear leech resistant socks or skip the rainy season, it will be a perfect time for a camp night. Alagalla is best suited for photographers as well.

Alagalla Mountain Range Highlights