Horton Plains & World’s End

Nuwara Eliya


Horton Plains, Sri Lanka’s only national park declared a World Heritage Site, is an eerie highland plateau popular with hikers. A circular trail of 10 km length winds through cloud forests and open grasslands. Major attractions are scenic spots such as Baker's Falls and the two spectacular panoramic viewpoints called “Big World’s End” and “Litte World’s End”. Horton Plains, situated at an elevation of more than 2000 meters above sea level, is Sri Lanka’s only national park within the hill country and the only one where hiking is permitted without ranger, though strict rules have to be observed within the national park boundaries. It’s highly recommendable to start the walk in the early morning. Before 10.00 a.m. chances are higher that clouds will part at the World’s End vantage points. Therefore, you should leave Nuwara Eliya or Haputale before dawn and you should walk the circular road clockwise, first visiting World’s End and Baker’s Falls afterwards, on the way back. Average temperature varies between 10 and 15 degrees, the mean maximum daily temperature in this area is 16 degrees centigrade. In the noon and afternoon, the plains are misty. In fact, you are in the clouds and Horton Plains is part of Sri Lanka’s cloud forest area. Ground frost occurs frequently in February. So be prepared. It’s highly recommendable to carry a raincoat or a jumper and umbrella with you. You definitely need strong and comfortable walking shoes, the trail is quite muddy in places and stony in others. Sunglasses and a cap to warm your ears and to protect your head against alpine sun’s UV radiation make sense, too.

Horton Plains & World’s End Highlights