Weligama, translated as sandy village, is a great place to learn to surf, about a two kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach. One of the best places in south Sri Lanka to discover a connection with the ocean and catch your first wave. Get there for first light and surf till sunrise, it usually quiet until 8am so a good time to practice on uncontended waves. The bay is protected somewhat from the wind, if the rest of the coast is blown it can be better here. 400m ride on a slow, low power wave. Many lefts and rights that appear at different tides the best swell from the south west. Easily be surfed when small, holds up to 5ft. A big swell on a beginners break is kook carnage with boards flying everywhere, very entertaining to watch. Expect learner drop-ins and to make some new buddies out the back. More advanced surfers can find reef breaks close by in Mirissa just 3km south or Gurubebila just 3km north. The town and the fisherman are all nearby, the beach can suffer mild pollution at times, and sand fly’s on the beach, take special care of any cuts after a period of heavy rain. Kabalana is 30min north in a Tuk Tuk and is a more exposed beach break with higher power, faster waves. It’s super clean and a great place for beginners working towards an intermediate level.

Waligama Highlights