Arugam Bay



Anyone who’s ever been surfing Sri Lanka will surely have heard of Arugam Bay. It’s the jewel in the crown of the island’s impressive beach roster. Boasting some beautiful right-hand point breaks and a medley of reefs and even barrels a little further out of town, there’s something for every sort of rider. In more recent times, the die-hard surf crowd has been diluted by beach lovers and beginner surfers, which has broadened the range of hotels and fattened the lineup considerably. But don’t be deterred, there are still loads of waves to go around. So-called Surf Point (also known as Main Point) is the anchor of the lot, offering fast and slow sections that can sometimes form nice and hollow rides right by the main town. To the north, the coast wiggled through coconut groves to beginner-friendly Whiskey Point. To the south, you’ll find the wild and distance point breaks of Okanda, where the crowds thin out.

Arugam Bay Highlights